Configuring Zend\EscaperΒΆ

Zend\Escaper\Escaper has only one configuration option available, and that is the encoding to be used by the Escaper object.

The default encoding is utf-8. Other supported encodings are:

  • iso-8859-1
  • iso-8859-5
  • iso-8859-15
  • cp866, ibm866, 866
  • cp1251, windows-1251
  • cp1252, windows-1252
  • koi8-r, koi8-ru
  • big5, big5-hkscs, 950, gb2312, 936
  • shift_jis, sjis, sjis-win, cp932
  • eucjp, eucjp-win
  • macroman

If an unsupported encoding is passed to Zend\Escaper\Escaper, a Zend\Escaper\Exception\InvalidArgumentException will be thrown.