Zend\Mime\Mime is a support class for handling multipart MIME messages. It is used by Zend\Mail and Zend\Mime\Message and may be used by applications requiring MIME support.

Static Methods and Constants

Zend\Mime\Mime provides a simple set of static helper methods to work with MIME:

  • Zend\Mime\Mime::isPrintable(): Returns TRUE if the given string contains no unprintable characters, FALSE otherwise.
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::encode(): Encodes a string with specified encoding.
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::encodeBase64(): Encodes a string into base64 encoding.
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::encodeQuotedPrintable(): Encodes a string with the quoted-printable mechanism.
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::encodeBase64Header(): Encodes a string into base64 encoding for Mail Headers.
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::encodeQuotedPrintableHeader(): Encodes a string with the quoted-printable mechanism for Mail Headers.

Zend\Mime\Mime defines a set of constants commonly used with MIME messages:

  • Zend\Mime\Mime::TYPE_OCTETSTREAM: ‘application/octet-stream’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::TYPE_TEXT: ‘text/plain’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::TYPE_HTML: ‘text/html’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::ENCODING_7BIT: ‘7bit’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::ENCODING_8BIT: ‘8bit’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::ENCODING_QUOTEDPRINTABLE: ‘quoted-printable’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::ENCODING_BASE64: ‘base64’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::DISPOSITION_ATTACHMENT: ‘attachment’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::DISPOSITION_INLINE: ‘inline’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::MULTIPART_ALTERNATIVE: ‘multipart/alternative’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::MULTIPART_MIXED: ‘multipart/mixed’
  • Zend\Mime\Mime::MULTIPART_RELATED: ‘multipart/related’

Instantiating Zend\Mime

When instantiating a Zend\Mime\Mime object, a MIME boundary is stored that is used for all subsequent non-static method calls on that object. If the constructor is called with a string parameter, this value is used as a MIME boundary. If not, a random MIME boundary is generated during construction time.

A Zend\Mime\Mime object has the following methods:

  • boundary(): Returns the MIME boundary string.
  • boundaryLine(): Returns the complete MIME boundary line.
  • mimeEnd(): Returns the complete MIME end boundary line.
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