The PluginClassLocator interface


The PluginClassLocator interface describes a component capable of maintaining an internal map of plugin names to actual class names. Classes implementing this interface can register and unregister plugin/class associations, and return the entire map.

Quick Start

Classes implementing the PluginClassLocator need to implement only three methods, as illustrated below.

namespace Zend\Loader;

interface PluginClassLocator
    public function registerPlugin($shortName, $className);
    public function unregisterPlugin($shortName);
    public function getRegisteredPlugins();

Configuration Options

This component defines no configuration options, as it is an interface.

Available Methods


Register a mapping of plugin name to class name registerPlugin($shortName, $className)

registerPlugin() Implement this method to add or overwrite plugin name/class name associations in the internal plugin map. $shortName will be aliased to $className.


Remove a plugin/class name association unregisterPlugin($shortName)

unregisterPlugin() Implement this to allow removing an existing plugin mapping corresponding to $shortName.


Retrieve the map of plugin name/class name associations getRegisteredPlugins()

getRegisteredPlugins() Implement this to allow returning the plugin name/class name map.


Please see the Quick Start for the interface specification.

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