Standard Config

Zend\Session\Config\StandardConfig provides you a basic interface for implementing sessions when not leveraging ext/session. This is utilized more for specialized cases such as when you might have session management done by another system.

Basic Configuration Options

The following configuration options are defined by Zend\Session\Config\StandardConfig.

Option Data Type Description
cache_expire integer Specifies time-to-live for cached session pages in minutes.
cookie_domain string Specifies the domain to set in the session cookie.
cookie_httponly boolean Marks the cookie as accessible only through the HTTP protocol.
cookie_lifetime integer Specifies the lifetime of the cookie in seconds which is sent to the browser.
cookie_path string Specifies path to set in the session cookie.
cookie_secure boolean Specifies whether cookies should only be sent over secure connections.
entropy_length integer Specifies the number of bytes which will be read from the file specified in entropy_file.
entropy_file string Defines a path to an external resource (file) which will be used as an additional entropy.
gc_maxlifetime integer Specifies the number of seconds after which data will be seen as ‘garbage’.
gc_divisor integer Defines the probability that the gc process is started on every session initialization.
gc_probability integer Defines the probability that the gc process is started on every session initialization.
hash_bits_per_character integer Defines how many bits are stored in each character when converting the binary hash data.
name string Specifies the name of the session which is used as cookie name.
remember_me_seconds integer Specifies how long to remember the session before clearing data.
save_path string Defines the argument which is passed to the save handler.
use_cookies boolean Specifies whether the module will use cookies to store the session id.

Basic Usage

A basic example is one like the following:

use Zend\Session\Config\StandardConfig;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;

$config = new StandardConfig();
    'remember_me_seconds' => 1800,
    'name'                => 'zf2',
$manager = new SessionManager($config);